Coltis Universe
Language: English

What is the Coltis Universe?

Coltis Universe is an NFT Game based on its own Metaverse that will have a variety of game modes, so we invite you to see all the features that we will have available, among the main ones will be:

Battle Royale mode:

Multiplayer in 3rd person where players can have:
  • Solo or team PvP battles.
  • PvE mode.
  • Qualifying Events.
  • Various types of unlockable NFT and non-NFT Items.
    • Weapons
    • Skins
    • Backpack
    • Appearance
  • Established missions with rewards.

Farming mode:

You will be able to obtain rewards by mining different materials and minerals in different planets of the Coltis Universe, for this this modality will have:
  • NFT planets.
  • NFT mining equipment.
  • Processing Equipment.
  • Different materials and minerals between the common and the strange.
  • Established missions with rewards.
Both modes will be constantly evolving to improve the gaming experience.
All these modalities will be in a single ecosystem where the main token $ Coltis will be the rewards engine in each season. In addition, it will have a secondary token $ LK which can be obtained either by playing, in events or by fulfilling the various missions, this can be burned through transactions either to obtain game items or improvements thereof in both game modes. Both coins will be under the BEP-20 standard of the Binance Smart Chain network.
All the NFT assets that are generated within the game will be owned by the users, these minted under the BEP-721 standard of the Binance Smart Chain network that will allow you to market it through our DApp in the Marketplace section or transfer it to other users.
Both the Tokens and the NFTs will be compatible with the Web3 as MetaMask and others that you can have both in your browser and on your mobile device.