Coltis Universe
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The Coltis Universe is a video game based on the Metaverse so it will use blockchain technology, the information presented in this document is not intended to form the basis of any investment decision and is not responsible for any consequential loss or damage that may arise directly or indirectly.
Users who participate in the purchase of any token, NFT objects among others within the Coltis Universe, these will not be refundable for what they understand, acknowledge and assume the RISKS that may arise, such as the following:
General use change of Token $Coltis and $LK:
The tokens will have the uses described in the Whitepaper, but may undergo changes as the development of the game evolves.
Token value $Coltis and $LK:
The tokens are not subject to speculation, promises, future prices in the market, inherent values, realization or execution of continuous payment and no guarantee that it has a particular value. Therefore, recovery of resources expended by users may be impossible.
Any inflation in the quantity of the tokens could negatively affect the market price consequently, users could suffer economic losses. Neither the developer nor the group that makes it up will offer any guarantee that users will be compensated in any way for said inflation.
Related to the blockchain network and its protocols:
The Coltis Universe, being developed under blockchain technology, will depend on it, it may suffer changes, breakdowns, abandonment, new advances in blockchain technology and security vulnerabilities in decentralized financial protocols, which can present a risk for both tokens minted and generated NFTs, affecting the functionalities of the Coltis Universe.
Associated with blockchain technology:
  • Piracy and security: It is not a secret at all that there are hackers who can try to attack the Coltis Universe in different ways and because it is under open source software, there is a risk that a third party or group member may introduce intentionally or unintentionally, weaknesses in the infrastructure, negatively affecting the development of the Coltis Universe and its tokens.
  • Loss of access to the token: Each user to obtain the existing tokens of the Coltis Universe, must have a decentralized digital wallet for storing them, which will provide private keys to control access, consequently, the loss of said keys private ownership by the owner may incur the total loss of Coltis Universe tokens.
Associated with the development and updates of the Coltis Universe:
The Coltis Universe, being in constant development and updates, may undergo significant changes as it evolves. So the development team will be constantly working to achieve the goals described in the Whitepaper, which meet all expectations and requirements. Although it is possible that there are different risks that negatively affect the development of the game such as:
  • Disclosures on the development, whether of the game concept, mechanisms, parameters, algorithm, code, other technical details that may be constantly updated.
  • Updates that are not liked by the community and other entities.
  • Unfavorable fluctuation of profits obtained from the pre-sales and sales of Coltis Universe tokens, which will be used for game development and updates.
The development team will not have the obligation to keep the community informed of possible changes that are being executed during the development of the Coltis Universe, but will do everything possible once these changes have been made and before putting it into production to make them known through the networks social media and in the news section of the Coltis website.
We have mentioned several risks that can negatively affect the ecosystem of both tokens and development, but there may be other risks associated with the purchase, possession and use of Coltis Universe tokens by users, including those of what the development team can't anticipate.