Coltis Universe
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It is planned to be enabled weekly where, the player will compete for a reward in Qualifying Tournament, this will not have energy expenditure, but if he must acquire a ticket that shall can buy with the $LK token. All the $LK generated in the purchases of the tickets for participation they will be accumulated for the final reward of the qualifying that is selected and will be distributed according to the position in which the users are within it.
These events will be in PvP mode, which can be all against all or in teams.
The tickets will have different degrees to enter Qualifying Tournament, therefore different cost of in token $LK, while the degrees are higher, the rewards also. In addition to winning token $LK, an exchange value for items no-NFT may also be carried out random.
There will be a special Qualifying Tournament Monthly, where users can compete for $Coltis token rewards and exchange vouchers for random NFT Items with high rarity probabilities, all users who have at least one NFT Items in their inventory will have at Minus one ticket to participate in it, the amount of ticket will increase according to the number of NFT Items you have.
Last modified 1yr ago