Coltis Universe
Language: English

PvE Mode

The PvE mode will have a series of scenarios that will increase in difficulty as they go through the levels. They will be based on defeating a series of waves of Coltis with Zombie mutations, at the end of each wave they will meet the boss who when defeated will generate the following rewards:
  • Token $LK.
  • Experience for the character: This will allow you to level up your account so that the character's statistics will be increased for this mode and thus be able to overcome the levels more easily.
In this mode it will be included in the daily, weekly and monthly missions, section with various challenges to complete. Once they are overcome, they will be able to obtain rewards such as $LK and $Coltis tokens, among others.
To generate the $LK token, you must have energy available at the time of entering the PvE mode levels, it will restart every 24 hours and may be increased according to the amount of NFT Items available in the inventory in your account, this includes only those of the Battle Royales mode.
However, you can continue playing to finish completing the missions with the corresponding rewards.
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