Coltis Universe
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NFT Items

The fundamental principle of the Coltis Universe and in this case of the Battle Royale mode is that it allows all the mintages of NFT items that are generated in the ecosystem, to be through the participation of all users.

Get an Item

Within the game in the unlock Items section of the Coltis website DApp you will have the option to choose which Items to unlock. These points will be distributed as follows:
  • Weapon Generator (50 Unlock Points).
  • Skins Generator (100 Unlock Points).
  • Backpack Generator (50 Unlock Points).
To do this, you must earn or buy these unlocking points with $LK token that can be generated by playing, these will be burned according to the number of points they buy, which will be limited per day and will be updated every 24 hours, so it must be active to buy.
At the time of unlocking and generating the item this will NOT be NFT, but they will contain improvements in the character's statistics for both PvP and PvE modes this depending on the items that have been unlocked.

Create an NFT item

To generate an NFT item you must have at least two (2) NO NFT Items of the same Class and Rarity.
The minting process will be executed as follows:
Class: Long Range Weapon
Class: Long Range Weapon
Type: Fire
Type: Fire
Rarity: Common
Rarity: Common
Attributes:… ()
Attributes:… ()
This process will be carried out through the Create NFT section in the Coltis DApp website, depending on the attributes of each one an algorithm will be generated which will allow increasing the rarity of this to the next one that would be Uncommon, the process It will cost 600 $LK which both the $LK and the Items to be combined will be burned, the payment of gas from the blockchain network is also required, once everything is done correctly it will lead to the creation of a new NFT Item.
The same procedure will apply to all unlockable items in the game.
Note: By having two items of the same "Class" but of a different "Type" and wanting to create that NFT item, you will have less chance that it will come out with the maximum attributes of the following rarity.

Upgrade the rarity of NFT items

In the Upgrade Rarity section of the Coltis website DApp you can increase the rarity of your NFT items as you have 2 of the same Class and Rarity, this system will be distributed as follows:
Total cost $LK
2 Common
2 Uncommon
2 Rare
2 Epic
2 Legendary

NFT Item Types

These will be made up of a fairly varied number of Items to allow us to maximize the competitiveness of this game mode:
  • Weapons: It will have the following classes:
    • Long range
    • Short range
    • Grenade
    • Trap
  • Skins
  • Backpack
Depending on the class and type of the item NFT they will have improvements in the character's statistics, for example:
NFT Weapons: It improves the general statistics of the character according to the type, but they may also have improvements in the additional damage that can be inflicted either to the armor, shield or vitality of the rival, this will improve as they increase in rarity.
NFT Skins: It improves the general statistics of the character according to the type, such as more vitality, shield or armor, it will also have improvements in the base to the damage reduction that a specific weapon can inflict, this will allow him to have more resistance within game and thus have a better chance of being victorious, these will improve as they increase in rarity.
NFT Backpack: This will have the particularity that between long- and short-range weapons it can decrease the reload time so it will have more opportunities to inflict more damage to its rival, in addition to increasing the amount of space either from potions vitality or shield and grenade and trap space, which you can out in the starting inventory of each game in both PvP and PvE modes, this will improve as the rarity increases.
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