Coltis Universe
Language: English


Within the Coltis Universe there will be two (2) factions, which are intended to be able to section users when they first enter the game which will have the option to belong to one, this is to reward all users within of a faction at the end of each season where they must jointly deliver special missions within it and the first that meet the objective to each will be distributed a global rewards in $ Coltis token, which will be divided both for users within the Battle Royale mode and Farming mode, but the main objective is for them to give their best and be able to show which is the best faction of all.
  • Anu faction.
  • Phisi faction.
Note: This phase of Factions is still in development, so it is possible that changes to the aforementioned are being executed, they will be announced through social networks and the News section of the Coltis website.