Coltis Universe
Language: English


Game mode that will feature various NFT Planets from the Coltis Universe and NFT Items necessary for mining the different existing materials and minerals, which will aim to deliver the established missions and obtain all possible rewards.
The Coltis Universe will have a number of 70,000 Planets of which 10,000 will be found in the Genesis System.
The remaining 60,000 Planets will be obtained in Presale, Events or other types of rewards, these will come with different Rarities, Biomes, Materials and Minerals impossible to obtain on the planet of the genesis system, these planets will have their Pros and Cons according to their biome or rarity, Therefore, Mining Equipment can face them by improving them, planets also depending on their rarity can have a number of slots available to anchor Mining Equipment, in addition these planets can have the option of being rented by their owners.
The planets of the Coltis Universe, being extensive and with different biomes, will also have rarities, which according to each one must have Mining Equipment of the same rarity to be able to enter and mine.
The planets in principle will be divided between the following attributes:
  • Biomes:
    • Lava
    • Ice
    • Wind
    • Water
    • Desert
    • Jungle
  • Rarity:
    • Common
    • Uncommon
    • Rare
    • Epic
    • Legendary
    • Mythical
These will have a limit of users who can anchor their mining equipment, while more users are on a planet will reduce the amount of material or mineral they can extract. The rarer planets will have more materials and minerals with a high probability of getting even the strangest tokens and $Coltis.
We hope to launch this phase as soon as possible along with the sale of the planets, to get it going, achieve maximum balance and enjoy the game.
Note: This phase of Farming is still under development, so it is possible that some changes may be executed, which they will be announced through our social networks and from the news section of the Coltis website.