Coltis Universe
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Mining Equipment

Players will be able to use a free Mining Equipment at the beginning for the planets of the Genesis System, this will have a limited amount of mining power per day, they will be able to rent more mining equipment by paying with the $LK token, this can be up to a maximum of 3 Mining Equipment per day, all of these can only be used for a 24 hour period.
Once having these equipment, they will be able to mine the most common materials and minerals, these give way to comply with a defined quantity that allows them to generate their own NFT Mining Equipment, thus being able to explore more planets outside the genesis system, get many more materials and minerals. with different rarities and $Coltis token.
Each material or mineral according to its rarity will have a difficulty based on the mining power, so it will greatly influence the Mining Equipment you have available.
The Mining Equipment will still have the option to increase rarity therefore it will improve the mining power, for this you must have at least two (2) Mining Equipment of the same Class and Rarity and a defined amount of $LK that when combined will be burned. Also, the payment of gas from the blockchain network, once everything has been done correctly, will lead to the creation of a new NFT Mining Equipment.
Additionally, the Mining Equipment in its attributes will have internal improvements with slots in which you can place consumable items of improvements either to maximize Energy, Storage or Armor, among others, which will influence the increase in mining power, these can be find while mining the different planets or shopping in the marketplace section of the Coltis DApp website.
The Mining Equipment will have different attributes where depending on the biome of each planet they can increase or decrease their mining power.
Note: This phase of Farming is still under development, so it is possible that changes to the aforementioned are being executed, they will be announced through social networks and the News section of the Coltis website.