Coltis Universe
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Processing Equipments

The purpose of the processing equipment is that once the materials and minerals have been collected, you must process them, which in principle each user will have the possibility of unlocking a NO-NFT Processing Equipment for free, which can be increased in level as they go processing.
You will have the option of purchasing more equipment, but these can be purchased by paying $Coltis or its equivalent in $LK at the time.
The Processing Equipment will start from Level 1 to Level 100, although at the beginning they will have slots available to process two (2) Materials or Minerals, at its maximum level it may have up to 10 slots, according to what is processed will have its difficulty, Therefore, when leveling up, it will also reduce the processing time of the same.
Note: This phase of Farming is still under development, so it is possible that changes to the aforementioned are being executed, they will be announced through social networks and the News section of the Coltis website.