Coltis Universe
Language: English


We have established professionals in the area of development, design, marketing, among others, within the Coltis Universe project, which forms one of the structure of a digital developer company Usyit Studios, who are 100% committed to what is being created, taking its capabilities to the limit to deliver a quality product in every sense.

Servando (CEO - Co-founder)

He is constantly generating strategies for team development and company growth. It anticipates trends so that we are always one step ahead.

Yismel (COO - Co-founder)

She desperately needs that the objectives of the company are not only met, but also carried out by optimizing processes, so that the entire team is in constant well-being and happy to be part of the study.

Unay (CTO - Co-founder)

Take care of every detail of the product, look where necessary for any answer to solve the problems that arise on a day-to-day basis and the project does not run out of fuel

Alejandra (Ilustrator)

She is art, her talent for drawing makes any creative idea in the group come true, she loves cats and the anime world.

Hendrik (Developer)

His passion for video games led him to create them, and he also likes physics and applying it to obtain results that are like magic.

Fernando (Developer)

His like to spend a lot of time trying to make complicated things easier, it seems simple but in reality it is complex.

Ricardo (Developer)

He likes to play video games, but he likes thinking and planning how to make them even more. Programming and eating Chinese food is the perfect combination of it.

Pablo (Developer)

He likes programming almost as much as making music. Video games, playing guitar and piano is what he is most passionate about doing.